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Slim Down with Ease

Vancouver’s best kept secret in weight loss! No fad diets or hunger cravings; see results quickly and sustain them for good.

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Tired of Feeling Tired?

Revitalize and thrive! Dr. Lederman will help you to correct nutrient deficiencies and live with an abundance of energy.

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Living in Pain?

See how Dr. Lederman’s Prolotherapy has reduced or eliminated chronic pain for thousands of Vancouver residents.

Take Control of Your Health!

Since 1999, Dr. Lederman, ND, has helped thousands of people restore and optimize their health & vitality. He will create a personalized health program for you that treats the root cause of your health concerns, and improves your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Give us a call today, or email to find out more.

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Feel Better Now

Dr. Michael Lederman, ND, uses naturopathic techniques to optimize your long term health and wellness. Instead of viewing parts of the body as separate entities, naturopathic medicine takes a holistic approach to healing. Whether trying to lose weight, heal chronic back pain, detoxify the body, or lower stress, Dr. Lederman creates personalized health programs to help each and every client achieve their individual goals.

Fatigue & Stress Resolution

Take Control

We correct nutritional deficiencies and help patients increase their energy to live a stress-free life.
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Weight Loss & Management

Slim Down

We create a customized, medically-supervised weight loss program with no hunger, no cravings, and great results.
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Digestive Disorder Treatments

Get Relief

We help patients restore their intestinal function, enabling a return to vibrant health elimination of discomfort.
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Pain and Injury Relief

Feel Better Now

We help patients feel like themselves again by returning them to a pain-free, happy life.
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Vitamin IV Therapies


Recharge and replenish your body quickly by delivering essential nutrients directly into circulation.
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Benefit Plans Welcome

If you're enrolled in a third party benefits plan, nearly all of our treatments and therapies are eligible for full or partial coverage. Simply check to see if 'Naturopathic Services' are included and we'll provide everything required to submit your visit for reimbursement. Get the most from your coverage.

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Emotional Wellness Support

Be Well

Your mind is intimately connected to your body; we heal that connection to ensure optimal emotional wellness.
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Colon Hydrotherapy & Cleansing


Flush toxins from your body and maximize the efficiency of your body’s entire digestive pathway.
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Detoxification and Cleansing

Hit Restart

Cleanse your body and flush toxins from your system; return to stability and better health.
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Oxygen Healing Therapies

Breathe Deep

Access the extraordinary healing powers of oxygen with Ozone Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
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