IV Vitamin Therapy: The Cocktail with Health Benefits

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Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Injection Therapy often referred to as a “vitamin cocktail” or “Myers Cocktail” is a treatment option for a wide range of clinical conditions. It is an intravenous vitamin and mineral formula consisting of magnesium, calcium, a complex of B vitamins, and additional Vitamin B6, B5 and B12, and vitamin C which has been found to be effective in the treatment of conditions such as:

• Acute asthma attacks
• Upper respiratory tract infections
• Migraine and tension headaches
• Fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue) • Insomnia
• Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
• Acute muscle spasm
• Chronic sinusitis
• Seasonal allergic rhinitis
• Depression, anxiety and the effects of acute and chronic stress
• Hormonal imbalances and infertility
• Cardiovascular disease
• Digestive disturbance/malnutrition
• Toxicity

The treatment is named after the late physician, John Myers who used intravenous injections to treat many chronic conditions. The aforementioned vitamins and minerals “cocktail” is blended with sterile water and administered in a syringe as a gentle “push” over a short period or as a “drip” over a longer period. The treatments vary in length and depend on the condition being treated.

This IV vitamin therapy has been found to be the most effective way to replenish cellular nutrients and restore high level performance and functionality in life. By correcting the nutrient deficiency state, patients experience significant improvement with their energy, mood, and immune status. Some of the health benefits of the treatment include reduced muscle spasms, a reduction in headaches, increased energy levels, and strengthened immunity.

Essential vitamins and minerals given intravenously can achieve increasing blood concentrations far greater than when administered orally, particularly in cases where digestive health is compromised (i.e. digestive disturbances such as bloating, indigestion and food sensitivities) and the absorption of orally administered nutrients may be poor. This method bypasses the intestinal system, and increases the body’s absorption of the vitamins.

While this practice has been around for decades (popular with many professional athletes) it is garnering more attention as people begin to focus on preventative measures for health problems in addition to seeking natural ways to deal with pain or existing medical conditions. Furthermore these treatments are covered by most extended health plans.

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