Holiday Immunity Boosters

Holiday Immunity Boosters

The stresses of the holiday season can sometimes take a negative toll on the immune system. Here are a few ways to keep the spirits merry and healthy during this time of year.

Take care of yourself from the inside out

The holidays are a time to eat drink and be merry, however an unhealthy digestive system affects your immune system tremendously. At this time of year it’s incredibly important to consume two to three servings of food rich in prebiotics like garlic, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes and flax seeds; along with one to two servings of probiotics such as kimchi, miso and yogurt with active live cultures. Prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines while the probiotics promote good intestinal health.

Eat Your Mushrooms

Mushrooms, specifically the shiitake, reishi and chaga varieties all boast immunity boosting benefits whether eaten, taken in distilled liquid form or as a capsule. They activate white blood cells and build up the T cells that help to kill bacteria and other viruses.

Keep Calm

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of the season but those increased stress levels are compromising your immunity. Help support the adrenal glands (the glands that regulate cortisol) and take a few moments to yourself every day to practice muscle relaxation exercises. Tighten your muscles for 10 seconds and then proceed to relax them for 15 seconds every day (preferable morning) to help decrease cortisol levels and keep you calm and centred. Deep breathing exercises also contribute to good posture which also helps decrease cortisol.

Slow it down

While a regular exercise regimen is normally a good thing, when you are stressed out your lengthy workout can actually do more harm than good. Intense exercise is a stress to the body and if you’re already under stress it will only contribute to burnout. Try slowing things down a bit by walking for 30 minutes or doing some light resistance training.

Skip the Spirits

While many often unwind with a drink, this practice actually has the opposite effect on your immune system. Alcohol affects the hormones as well as interfering with digestion and proper sleep patterns which places further stress on the body. Rather than raising a glass in cheer do something to really unwind like taking a yoga class or booking a massage.

Take your Vitamins

While a daily recommended dose of vitamins can keep you a healthy track sometimes more of a boost is required. A great way to fight off an oncoming virus is through Vitamin IV Therapy. A vitamin injection goes directly into the bloodstream giving an immediate boost.

Vitamin IV Therapy is one of the methods used at Total Wellness to help you take control of your health. Dr. Lederman can create a personalized program to help restore and optimize health and vitality during the holiday season and beyond.


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