New Year, New Start



The New Year typically signals the start of a new routine … an opportunity to get back on track and feel good.

It is a time when healthier lifestyles are adopted and new exercise and eating routines are implemented. Part of this new regimen often includes a cleanse to allow the body to purge the toxins accumulated over the holiday indulgences. One of the best ways to clean out the system and get the body back on track is to bid alcohol and sugar farewell, at least temporarily.

Excessive eating and drinking takes a big toll on your liver and gut flora. Excess toxins accumulate and so do the excess microbes, including the fungus Candida. Candida overgrowth creates increased sugar cravings and bloating, as well as decreased concentration, mood, and energy. Another common but unwanted result is the excess pounds accumulated around the midsection causing clothes to fit tight and feel uncomfortable. So at the close of the holiday season, it is time to cut the alcohol and sugar completely out. This may sound daunting, but here are some tips that will help in doing just that.

Out of sight out of mind.

Put any leftover alcohol in an area where you won’t see it like a cupboard that is way out of reach. The beverage you should be consuming during this time is water and herbal tea… and plenty of it.

Do the same with all the sweet treats. Cookies and chocolates that haven’t been consumed can be stored away, or better yet share them with the less fortunate who would be rather grateful for the goodies taken for granted during the holidays.

Don’t pencil anything into your social calendar.

This doesn’t mean hibernating. It means avoiding the places that will hinder your cleanse such as bars and restaurants.

Get active.

Get your body in motion by taking on a winter sport or activity that you enjoy. Make it fun. Be realistic and build it into your routine.

Sleep soundly.

Eliminating alcohol and sugar from your diet will greatly improve sleep patterns. A good night’s rest will help boost your immunity and combat stress.

Your body will thank you for this basic beginner cleanse as you take charge of your overall well-being.

Many people will add an anti-fungal Candida Cleanse to this to rebalance the gut microbial terrain. This will yield excellent health outcomes to kick start the new year.

Feel good and fit your clothes. What are your health goals for the month of January? For further assistance in optimizing your health, schedule a visit at Total Wellness where we can work on a customized program for you.


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