Easy at Home Heath Tests

We all live hectic, fast-paced lives and often our health gets pushed aside for more pressing matters. If you can squeeze in a few 60 second breaks (or less) in your day to do these simple health tests you can stay on top of your health, even with your crazy schedule. As recommended by Dr Oz, conducting these tests regularly will show you the areas of concern so that you can focus your efforts on the areas ofyour health that require the most attention.

Common Mistakes Prohibiting Weight-Loss

The start of a new season motivates many of us to start fresh in different facets of our lives – for many, diet and exercise are the areas that we try to improve on first. After a few weeks or months our drive to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime dwindles; this is often a product of not seeing the results we were hoping for. Working hard at something and getting nowhere can be incredibly demotivating so we have developed a list of common mistakes that may be inhibiting your success.