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Feel refreshed & rejuvenated! ADRENAL RESTORATION... the solution to stress related conditions

Dr. Lederman has helped thousands of patients restore their vitality. Every day, patients come to see him who are overwhelmed by their life stressors.

The key to Dr. Lederman’s success here is his focus on replenishing and rebuilding each patient’s stress glands... their adrenal glands.

Emotional and physical stressors signal our adrenal glands to release hormones including cortisol. Long term stress causes adrenal overstimulation which eventually causes an erratic and inadequate cortisol response from the depleted stress glands. The body responds with typical symptoms of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, increased susceptibility to infection, decreased recovery from exercise, and eventually outright mental and physical exhaustion.

In short, patients wonder why they are feeling so tired and unable to perform and function in life as they use to. The answer is simply that they have run out of fuel. They are in the same predicament as a car on the side of the road that has run out of gas. They need to refuel their adrenal glands to get back on and drive on the highway of life.

Dr. Lederman’s adrenal restoration program combines adjustments with daily lifestyle choices and dietary modification with catalysts like Vitamin IV Therapy and nutritional supplements to quickly repair and strengthen the adrenal glands.

Get back on track and live your life with vitality.

* Results may vary based on an individual’s program compliance.

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