Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need a referral to see Dr. Lederman. Call the office (604-568-3735) and they will schedule you in for a one hour Initial Consultation with him.
Dr. Lederman’s practice focus is on resolving issues regarding:
  1. Weight *
  2. Fatigue & Stress *
  3. Pain & Injury *
  4. Digestion *

Weight Loss Programs

Since 1999, Dr. Lederman has been helping all people who are overweight. Some people are dealing with obesity and need to lose 50-100 pounds*. However, most people simply are frustrated with the way their clothes fit and wish to lose 15-30 pounds*. The opportunity is there for everyone to take control of their health and start eliminating their fat reserve.

In your Initial Consultation with Dr. Lederman, he will review your health, your challenges, your goals, and your timeline.

There are several programs that Dr. Lederman can tailor to your needs. He will present you with realistic options that you feel comfortable with to help you get the results you want. You will leave the office that day with step #1 of your weight loss program.

Most people follow up with Dr. Lederman weekly on a 1 Month Program*. This provides optimal accountability and results. With each follow up, Dr. Lederman will review your week, review your health journal, and reweigh you. He will answer your questions, make sure you are on track for success, and provide recommendations for the following week for your next step. All follow up visits also include his popular Vitamin injection.
The key to the success is in correcting a patient’s sluggish metabolism while replenishing nutrients and removing toxins. This yields a new weight set point where the patient feels and looks great*.
Dr. Lederman’s programs emphasize results with comfort*. He makes it clear to each patient, that they are to nourish their body. His programs allow people to eat and fuel their body regularly... so there is NO hunger. He also has prescriptions and supplement support that keep people satiated. They feel light and energized. They are living in a comfortable and highly functional state. This makes the program easy for people to do and obtain outstanding long term health and weight outcomes.
Yes. Many people do request to continue with a second month because they are excited about what they have achieved and wish to carry on with the process. They feel amazing, better than they have in years. They have momentum, and Dr. Lederman is happy to continue to work with them*.

Dr. Lederman is asked daily to write a hormone prescription to help people reduce their fat reserve. He is able to write the hormone prescription as he does have Prescriptive Authority in British Columbia.

There are 2 different hormone prescriptions that Dr. Lederman uses in his weight loss programs. They both promote a better metabolic state and the mobilization of fat reserves, especially around the abdomen and lower waist.

These hormones are safe, used worldwide, and very effective in helping patients*.

As Dr. Lederman is licensed in British Columbia as a naturopathic doctor, visits to see him are covered by most extended health plans.
$595. This includes 4 weekly half hour follow ups with Dr. Lederman with Vitamin injections.

* Results may vary based on an individual’s program compliance.



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