Dr. Lederman saved my life.

I have seen Dr. Lederman over the years for my health and well-being, and through a stressful divorce and depression.

I was so stressed that I was mentally, emotionally and physically drained. I had anxiety attacks and was not functioning as normally.

I went to see Dr. Lederman in November 2015 and my entire life changed for the better. Today I feel fantastic -- mentally emotionally and physically. Honestly, I did not know that I could feel this great.

Dr. Lederman helped me pick up the pieces of my life and put them back into perspective. Today I don't feel like a victim -- I am a victor, living free of depression, stress and anxiety*.

I am grateful for all work that Dr. Lederman has done on my behalf and continue to seek his advice. Dr. Lederman is the best!


I found the light at the end of a long dark tunnel!

I have struggled with weight gain for the last two years, putting on close to 100 pounds after a car accident. I had no energy, no self-esteem, no will to get through this amazing life. My very first meeting with Dr. Lederman was summed up with one word: HOPE.

I have been learning new tools, including how to have a new relationship with food, when and what to eat, and understanding how my body uses food. This is a very simple program to follow, the key ingredient was to be 100% willing to let someone else show me how to live again. I have lost 40 pounds and feel amazing. My clothes fit and I feel absolutely changed from the inside out. I have a deep well of energy to get through the toughest days and am starting to play sports again. Dr. Lederman has shined like a beacon for me, and I am on track to lose another 60 pounds* , maybe even more.

For your professionalism, understanding and empathy, my deepest thanks, Dr. Lederman!


D. Lederman has been treating my injured leg and my knees for almost two months.

I was in pain 24 hours a day and I couldn't go to gym or walk for more than half an hour. Now I can walk again and exercise regularly. Soon I will go back to hiking (the activity that created the pain and the injured tendon).

Thanks to Dr Lederman’s prolotherapy treatment, the pain in my both knees has disappeared*. He takes good care of each patient, and is positive and optimistic. I would recommend him if you have muscle or ligament injury.

Prolotherapy is an efficient treatment and Dr. Lederman knows how to do it.


I enjoyed a life-changing experience with Dr. Lederman. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and supportive towards my individual needs. He listened to what I wanted and created a sustainable plan that I could achieve success with*.

I highly recommend Dr. Lederman for wellness planning and weight management.


I had some severe ligament pain over my right knee triggered from a fall, where at times it was unbearable to even walk. After Dr. Lederman began treating it by applying prolotherapy, the pain began to lesson after the first treatment. With Dr. Lederman's advice, and receiving three more prolotherapy treatments, my pain has not only virtually gone, but I now have restored mobility to my knee once more*.

I am so grateful to Dr. Lederman. Many thanks!


I am a ballet dancer and so I am constantly straining and hurting the area around my Achilles tendon. Whenever I feel pain, I visit Dr. Lederman who applies prolotherapy and has always managed to get me back on my feet*.

Thank you!


With Dr. Lederman's guidance, I lost 30 pounds*, went down four sizes, do not have heartburn anymore, do not feel bloated, and have more energy and am happier then I have been in years!

I found Dr. Lederman very understanding, positive and helpful.

He helped me correct my thinking and remember how good it felt to eat healthy, exercise and to just to be proud of my personal accomplishments each week whether I lost one pound or three.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lederman to people who are ready to make a change and do their part in helping themselves be successful and feel better in a safe and healthy way where your results can remain permanent.



If you are looking for full attention on you, someone who will listen carefully, and someone with years of experience helping those who couldn't find help elsewhere, you've come to the right place.

Dr. Michael Lederman has changed the way I live my life and here are a few of the most beneficial ways he has helped me.

I have lost almost 20 lbs*. Dr. Lederman has helped me open up and express what I truly want to change in my life. He has helped me find the right food and nutrition for my body, and he has taught me how to make exchanges that fit my lifestyle. He has a wide variety of lifestyle tips that have helped me to calm my anxiety and stay balanced.

Thank you Dr. Lederman... I love my new me!!!


I had a severe skiing accident due to my lax ligaments which left me in pain in both knees. Dr Lederman was able to leave me without pain using a combination of prolotherapy and ozone.

He is also very good at helping my entire family in everything regarding our health, including my 6-year old daughter with her auto immune disease*. His staff have always been very kind and accommodating as well.

Many thanks!


After living with my shoulder pain for four months, I am so impressed with my recovery after having your prolotherapy treatments. I am absolutely amazed with the results.

My supraspinatus tendon had a 1 cm tear confirmed by ultrasound. Now I have full rotation and am fully recovered, and this sixty-nine year old is back to work*.

Dr. Lederman, thank you for your care, compassion and your positive attitude. P.C.


I had been feeling so awful for so long that I didn’t think there would be anything left that could help. I came to Dr. Lederman after seeing a few medical doctors and specialists who were unable to help.

Since then I have experienced an astounding difference! In just four months, I feel extremely better and in more control of my health than I have ever been in my life. Dr. Lederman is a great listener and I felt understood and cared for*.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t go to him years ago so that I wouldn’t have suffered for so long. Thank you so much Dr. Lederman, you have truly changed my life.


Dr, Lederman, thank you so very much for all you’ve done for me and giving me the tools I’ve been lacking to maintain good health and cope with my very busy days.

I am feeling so much stronger and healthier than I was when I first met you. At that time I was constantly fatigued. I now have energy to sing and dance through my days, and do the work I so love to do.

Thank you. I have been recommending you to simply everyone I know.


I was referred to Dr. Lederman by my accountant. He and his wife have been seeing him on an ongoing basis for a long time, and are firm believers that there is no other way to better health.

I felt like a truck had hit me as I was chronically tired and run down and ached all over. But with Dr. Lederman’s guidance, not only have my energy levels increased but the aches and pains in my body due to arthritis rarely bother me*.

I am grateful for the assistance that Dr. Lederman has given me, and the ability to achieve greater levels of performance.


Dr. Lederman, words cannot adequately convey my gratefulness in your exceptional and caring assistance and guidance for me, my husband, and my daughter. The healing process is ongoing but I feel relieved and hopeful that the path of radiant health will continue*.


Regarding my weight loss program with Dr. Lederman, I shed my abdominal fat quickly*. I never expected results like these and I couldn’t possibly have achieved them without the help of his program. More than a quick weight loss program, it has made me rethink my nutritional habits and has me on my way to a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks for everything!


I have maintained the diet set out for me as best I can and have dropped my weight below the 130 mark.

I will be maintaining this for the rest of my life though I may need to come in every now and then for a tune up. I am also exercising and getting out and about so much more. I donated two garbage bags of clothes to the thrift store as they no longer fit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know this is a cliché but I feel like me again. People tell me I look a decade younger but more importantly I feel two decades younger! This is truly one of the best things that I have ever done and will keep in touch with you and recommend you to whomever I can. Thank you!*


I have lost 25 pounds* working with Dr. Lederman. And I have kept it off through the Christmas season! What a gift to myself. This year there is no need to regret everything I ate. The best part is that I’m not making or breaking New Year’s resolutions yet again.

Remaining excited and committed is easy because you see such amazing life-changing results.

Thanks, Dr. Lederman!


Dr. Lederman has helped me lose 50 lbs*. He designed a program to suit my specific needs and made it as easy as possible for me to make some major changes in my lifestyle.

He is very supportive and encouraging and always has a positive attitude. He is conscientious about not overwhelming me.

Dr. Lederman has also used his treatments to repair my damaged knee which now makes getting more exercise a breeze. I highly recommend Dr. Lederman and thanks to him, I haven't felt this good in years.


I was astounded when I saw my actual weight at 175 lbs! I knew deep down inside that I needed to lose weight but could never figure out how to do it without starving myself.

I did not want to starve. Also at age 53 (in early menopause) I told myself it was impossible to lose weight and that I was doomed to be fat for the rest of my life!

I can actually say it really was not difficult to stick to the regime. Two and half months later, here I am weighing in at my goal weight. Who would have believed it? I have friends who have taken up to a year to lose what I have.

His weight loss program works! I can truthfully say I did not feel that I was starving. There were days I had to make myself eat. Now, I am into maintenance and I fluctuate between 138 and 142 lbs*. I feel terrific.

My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal! We walk 5 km per day. This may sound unbelievable but I look forward to it every day. It is a lifestyle I have embraced. I now can look into the mirror and feel happy at what I have accomplished.

I would recommend this program to anyone who has ever felt skeptical about ever being thin again!

Thank you, Dr. Lederman. You were truly helpful, encouraging, and caring throughout this process.


I have been a patient of Dr. Lederman for three months. Since then, my blood pressure has dropped from 158 over 90 to 116 over 70, my severe angina has all but disappeared, I have lost over 20 pounds*, my knee pain has been greatly reduced, and I have regained my energy. I think this is great for a 66-year old man!

His positive, upbeat and can-do attitude has certainly inspired me. The time and patience he shows during our consultations certainly demonstrates his care and concern for his patients.

Thank you, Dr. Lederman.


I came to Dr. Lederman after having stagnated in my weight loss journey. I had been initially successful with another program and had slowly and steadily lost weight – but then nothing I did could make the scale move.

Dr. Lederman’s programme generated a significant weight loss in less than a month. The weight loss was astounding and incredible but, more importantly, my wellness improved to a level that I have not experienced – more energy, better skin, no cravings and being satisfied with the allotted amount of food on the program.

I am now at my ideal weight* – I am so very grateful to the support and guidance offered by Dr. Lederman and would refer him and his program to anyone interested in a very effective approach to weight loss.

Thank you.


After years of being an athletic guy who mistreated my body with too much food and beer, it finally caught up with me at 33 when I realized that 245 lbs was not "pure horsepower"!

I had trouble with my back, joints, waist size, mood and just life in general! I felt like I had lost something, a part of me! In three months with Dr. Lederman’s protocol and guidance, I was able to lose my abdominal fat while retaining all of my muscle mass*. I never thought that all I accomplished with Dr. Lederman’s help would be possible but it is! You have to do this!!! I am myself again!!!

I am happy to report that having reached my weight loss goal, I have followed the maintenance plan and I have kept my weight steady at 195 lbs.

I am writing to thank you for everything you helped me accomplish!


I am ecstatic, over the moon, shocked and excited with the incredible results of the weight loss program from the first week I started. I am now known as the ‘”shrinking woman” since each day I weigh myself, it feels like my birthday as I see the decreasing numbers on the scales. Surprisingly I was never hungry nor lacking energy; in fact I was so full of energy, I could hardly keep up with myself!

As each day passed, I can honestly say I became healthier than I had in years. My knee and hip, which have caused me great pain, are now so much better. My friends are always giving me compliments; imagine I can for the first time in many years feel my rib and hip bones! Oh yes – and at age 65, I feel 10 years younger and now have the great pleasure of picking out a new wardrobe which will be so many sizes smaller!*

Dr. Lederman, you are a miracle worker. Thank you, thank you, for giving me this new lease on life, a new body and an incredible feeling of well-being. You made the process so easy -- you’re the best! Anyone struggling to lose weight should give themselves this amazing gift of trying Dr. Lederman’s program, then sit back and watch the results -- you won’t regret it for one moment. After all, you deserve it!


Dr. Lederman is a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor who is also generous of spirit.

I started seeing Dr. Lederman over a month ago to deal with debilitating pain in my right shoulder and ribs, and from which I suffered for over ten years. Dr. Lederman treated me with prolotherapy and after my initial treatment, I felt immensely improved; after three more treatments, I am now pain-free*. Dr. Lederman showed patience, interest and kindness when he asked about my history and he has given me many tips to help myself more than I have in the past.

I would recommend Dr. Lederman without hesitation for any mind/body issues. I myself will return to him with any medical issues which may arise in the future.

I am very grateful to Dr. Lederman and wish to say to him, thank you so much for helping me.


* Results may vary based on an individual’s program compliance.