Safe & Effective Weight Loss Solutions*

Dr. Lederman has been providing medically supervised weight loss programs since 1999. These customized plans safely help patients comfortably lose pounds and inches as they lose their fat reserve.

The key to the success of Dr. Lederman’s Weight Loss Programs is that they correct the typical causes involved with weight gain.

His programs improve metabolism, replenish nutrients, remove toxins, rebalance hormones, and help establish new lifestyle and dietary habits.

People feel energized, more confident, and happy.

And they fit their clothes again.

Program Features Include:

  • Easy to follow guidelines
  • Flexible calorie count
  • Food portions throughout the day
  • Easy integration into a busy lifestyle

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A Message From Dr. Lederman

Many patients come to see me having tried many diets in which they were not able to lose weight beyond their “set point”. There are others who simply want to get back on track and lose some weight quickly, fit their clothes, and feel like their self again. My Weight Loss Programs represent the solution for both.

The programs my patients follow emphasize comfort while putting their body in a fat burning state. Every day my patients tell me about how good they feel, how excited they are to be losing weight, and how loose their clothing is fitting. This is in stark contrast to most weight loss programs in which patients wrestle with hunger and are very uncomfortable, weak, and tired.

My programs are done in one month increments. For some patients, one month is all they need to reach their weight loss goal. Others often continue for a second consecutive month to continue their momentum with their results. even more.

The maintenance phase of my programs is also exciting for my patients. They see that their newly established lifestyle and dietary habits allow them to have sustained results. They have established a new weight set point.

If you would like to make and sustain changes with your weight, call me.

I look forward to helping you attain your goals.

Dr. Lederman, ND

* Results may vary based on an individual’s program compliance.


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