Wellness Seminars & Workshops

Wellness Seminars & Workshops*

Would a Dr. Lederman Wellness Seminar help your company?

Dr. Lederman offers a growing list of wellness seminar topics to meet your employees’ nutrition, fitness, and other health needs. Dr. Lederman can work with you to determine an ideal schedule of wellness seminars. Wellness not only improves job satisfaction and as a result boosts productivity, but healthy employees spend less on medical costs and have less sick days too.

Dr. Lederman offers an extensive and evolving selection of engaging employee wellness seminars focusing on a holistic and natural approach to healthy living and optimized wellness. For small corporate workshops or larger scale seminars, let Dr. Lederman get your companies wellness on track.

Please check what topic(s) you would be interested in Dr. Lederman speaking on behalf of and we will get back to you.

* Results may vary based on an individual’s program compliance.

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